In its tangible form Boom clap is a browser plugin that presents a series of agreements to uphold when browsing digital networks

Boom clap is enacted to makes space for consciousness while roaming digital networks

Boom clap accomplishes this by way of creating accountability through the deployment of information radiators and psychoacoustics.

Boom clap reimagines the sounds and universal symbols of the digital realm.

- After the acceptance of agreements the experience persists by way of offering a soundscape unique to each URL visited.
- The range of sound from dispersed droplets to full booming orchestra exist to identify the scale of individuals visiting that URL that have read and accepted the series of agreements. 
- Seeking to inform, redirect and refocus away from digital spaces out of alignment. Seeking to remind and showcase our power and scale in our use of these tools.

All to inspire tools to be built that center individuals in their creation, rather than economics